KRS Multilub PVT. LTD.

Hoses (KRH Series)

Hoses are used to connect points where flexibility is a must and also mechanical strength required. These hoses are available with 4mm and 6mm steel end fittings with working pressure of 28 Kg/cm² to 200 Kg/cm². OD of these hoses is 13mm and ID of 6.3 mm. The length of hose pipes can be supplied as per costumer requirement.

Straight Connectors

Model Name Suitable For Tube
KSC-4/M6X1 4 mm "OD"
KSC-4T/M8X1 4 mm "OD"
KSC-4/M10X1 4 mm "OD"
KSC-4T/1/8”BSP 4 mm "OD"
KSC-4T/1/4”BSP 4 mm "OD"
KSC-6/M6X1 4 mm "OD"
KSC-6/M8X1 4 mm "OD"
KSC-6T/M10X1 4 mm "OD"
KSC-6/1/8”BSP 4 mm "OD"
KSC-6/1/4”BSP 4 mm "OD"

Elbow Blocks

Model Name Suitable For Tube
KEB-4 4 mm "OD"
KEB-6 6 mm "OD"

Cross Blocks

Model Name Suitable For Tube
KCR-4 4 mm ‘OD
KLS-6 6 mm ‘OD