KRS Multilub PVT. LTD.

Force Lubrication Systems (O.C.S)

These system are recirculatory type, where oil is recirculated in a closed circuit to save costly oil. It supplies continues desired quantity of properly conditioned filtrated cool oil to individual or group of points. Lube oil system are designed and manufactured as per standards and customers specifications. APPLICATIONS :- KRS Introduce Oil Circulatory System (O.C.S.) / Lube Oil System (L.O.S.) which is best suited where the heat generated in bearing, Gear, & Moving Parts. This system is widely use for plant like Cement, Sugar, paper, Power generation, Steel Plant as well as heavy duty Machine. WORKING :- In Oil Circulatory System (O.C.S.) / Lube Oil System (L.O.S.) oil is continuously supplied to various moving parts. The oil act as a lubricant as well as coolant by consuming the heat generated in the moving parts. The oil, after lubrication and cooled the moving parts, return in reservoir. Features •System are custom built, tailor made, packaged unit skid mounted, ready for installation and piping to parent machine, in simplex as well as duplex arrangements. Fabricated oil tank to hold required quantity of oil with accessories i.e. Manhole, breather cum filler, oil level indicators, level switches for level control, baffles, drain valve, heater etc. •Rotary gear, screw or centrifugal type pumps with built in relief valve, connected with electric motor. Filters of basket, self cleaning type, micron rating 10 micron onward depend on application. Material of element S.S wiremesh, paper, felt, fibre etc. •Oil cooler to cool oil, horizontal or vertical, shell and tube type, plate type etc. •Instrument panel consisting of pressure gauges, pressure switches, temperature gauges, temperature switches, RTD, flow switch, level switches, etc to keep control of the different parameters. •Control panel is designed for higher degree of sophistications to control above, parameters and automatic changeover of pump, oil coolers, filters, change of flow path. •Various valve are incorporated, check valve, gate, globe, ball, plug, relief valve, pressure control valve etc. •Material of construction have various combination depending on end use, environment, pressure, temperature etc.

Dual Line Grease Lubrication System

APPLICATIONS Dual line system is used where large distance in lubrication points. This is high pressure pump and used in steel plants, cement plants, Turbine generator, furnaces, sugar plants, spong iron plants etc. CONSTRUCTION Dual line lubrication system comprising of a single pumping station having pumping elements and fitted on the outer periphery of the housing. Reservoir also mounted on housing and fitted on base plate with motor, gear box, change over valve, pressure gauge etc. WORKING Dual line grease lubrication system can be installed with a decided scheme by using main pumping station, end pressure relay, relief valve, change over valve, dose feeder, in line filter, tubing & fitting and electronic control panel. When pump starts, then grease will deliver to main line and it will finally reach to connected lubrication points through dose feeder (Blocks). Once grease has delivered to all points connected with one line, the pressure will rise in the corresponding line as pump is still suppying grease. As soon as pressure crosses set pressure value pressure reversing valve, through control panel actuates. Grease starts flowing into second line. Delivery of grease to lubricating points take place and pressure rised again. When it crosses set pressure of end relay, the system will stop. Cycle is over and it confirm lubrication to all points. Now after preset ‘OFF’ time system starts again and repeats the same process.

Models KDGL-30 KDGL-50 KDGL-70 KDGL-100
Reservoir Capicity 30 Kg 50 Kg 70 Kg 100 Kg
Max. Discharge 250gm/min 250gm/min 250gm/min 250gm/min
Delivery Pressure Max. 250 kg/cm square 250 kg/cm square 250 kg/cm square 250 kg/cm square

Air Operated Mobile Grease Filling System

All below mentioned models are mobile type. The pressure plate or dead weight has been provided in all the models to avoid the air gap. These pumps are suitable for pressurised greasing of machine parts. NOTE : Remove the pressure plate or dead weight from the bottom of reservoir before filling the grease in the reservoir. Insert the pressure plate or dead weight in reservoir after filling the grease in the reservoir.

Models Reservoir Cap Discharge Max. Pressure
KPN-Br -25 25 Kg 300-400 gms/minute 125 kg/cm square
KPN-Br -50 50 Kg 300-400 gms/minute 125 kg/cm square
KPN-GP -200 200 Kg 300-400 gms/minute 150 kg/cm square